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Preparation of corn germ oil press

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Preparation of corn germ oil press: oil extraction methods are pressing, extraction and water generation method. According to the press law adopted in equipment...


Preparation of corn germ oil press: oil extraction methods are pressing, extraction and water generation method. According to the press law adopted in equipment and production scale can be divided into wooden press, screw press and hydraulic press. Since the preparation of corn germ oil are mostly carried out by smaller and auxiliary plant, so the use of screw press is most appropriate. Production scale models can be, larger-scale production plant, the choice of joint steaming and roasting equipment assembly 200 type screw press, both steaming and roasting machine, continuous operation, the use of simple, solid embryo steamed fried, pressed oil in a group of devices at once.
Preparation of corn germ oil press, when steamed fried parison temperature reaches 115--120 ℃, the moisture content of 2% - 4%, the direct access to press oil extraction . At this temperature should be maintained 30--40 ℃, initial embryo into a small amount of material until after the normal operation of pressing machine, pressing the chamber temperature rises, and then increase to the standard feed rate, and maintain uniform feed, the oil and the cake to be able to smell the scent meal, cake slice solid, smooth surface on the back of a crack, the oil normally prevail. If steaming and roasting temperature is low then high moisture content material embryo, pie slices soft, moisture is very strong, oil color is not correct, white foam, the oil is reduced. If steaming and roasting temperature is too high, too low moisture content of the material embryo, the cake color too deep, export risk of smoke and burning smell, oil color depth, the oil is reduced. Functioning pressing machine, generally oil extraction speed control for 8 turn / min, feed the embryo in the chamber by squeezing the juice time 2.5min, cake slice thickness 5--6mm.

Production of corn grits, corn germ oil extraction rate of 22% - 26%; preparation of starch extracted from corn germ oil yield was 25% --28% residual oil in the meal was 5% - 6% .
Preparation crushing corn germ oil, corn germ oil obtained, without known refining crude oil, the moisture and volatile matter 0.3% 0.2% of impurities, an acid value of 6, the precipitate was 6%, light yellow odor normal heating the 280 ℃, a precipitate was deposited. Crude oil and impurities due to higher moisture content and intolerance storage, subject to post-hydration, alkali refining and deodorization refining, in order to obtain high-quality refined corn oil.
Corn germ oil is an advanced health oil, has an excellent cardiovascular health effects, sales prospects are broad, but the corn germ oil is currently in production, mainly in the form of chemical corn, corn starch processing by-product, single factory production is low, the manufacturer is not professional, not a professional sales techniques, corn germ oil industry developed slowly.