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Analysis of the value of black corn and waxy corn -- Corn germ oil extraction

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Corn is particularly common in daily life, people often eat is one of the fine grain, corn germ oil through corn germ oil extraction into thousands of househol

Corn is particularly common in daily life, people often eat is one of the fine grain, corn germ oil through corn germ oil extraction into thousands of households in the rapid pace of development. However, the majority of the masses to understand the corn only stay on the surface, many people think that corn is yellow or pale white, the black corn and waxy corn market recently a lot of people, for its lack of understanding, to dare to try, let our company analysis of these two kinds of nutritional value of corn:


1, First of all that the market for black corn. Corn, people pay more attention to the end is not non GMO. The black corn is a kind of special maize varieties, instead of genetically modified products, but also rich in nutritional value, experts through a unique variety of advanced technology of cultivation and high nutritional value than ordinary corn many, and good safety, consumers can rest assured that food;

2, The nutritional value of black corn is reflected in what areas, mainly black corn amino acid content is particularly high, is 6 to 8 times that of ordinary corn, containing dozens of amino acids, lysine which is beneficial to human body and improve the immunity of the human body. In addition, black corn contains many trace elements, such as potassium, iron zinc, etc., is of great benefit to the human body, heart and blood so that people know to accept black corn, black corn;

3, The nutritional value of waxy corn. Moreover about waxy corn from the outside looks very thick and very old appearance, in fact it is very tender, eat sticky like glutinous rice, good taste, its color is white and purple dye, red and white, beautiful appearance, nutrition value abundant. Waxy corn is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, can reduce cholesterol, have very good effect on the clearance of blood;

4 In addition, corn is rich in carotene, vitamin E, carotene absorbed by the body into vitamin A, play anti-cancer effect. Natural vitamin E can promote cell division, anti-aging effect on the human body. It seems that good effect of corn, so the Penguins of Zhengzhou refining equipment manufacturers advocate people to eat more corn. A reasonable diet, will improve people's immunity.


Usually can not eat corn consumers can go to the supermarket to buy the regular manufacturers of corn germ oil, corn oil set of nutrition, rich in the kitchen, but also to meet the needs of people's nutrition.


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